HighTec compilers and RTOS

We are very happy to now be able to
sell HighTec's products in the Nordic 
countries. TriCore/AURIX, RH850,
Power Architecture and ARM.
All world class products ready for



DS Enovia and Altium Designer integration

Finally there is a seamless integration of Dassault Enovia PLM and Altium Designer E-CAD. Triacon has developed a close integration of the two program suites that integrates Altium Designer into the rest of the product management system.

Read the press release from Dassault.

Debug and trace for Automotive controllers.

For many years the ic5000 analyzer from iSystem has been the tool at hand for debugging and trace of many of the typical automotive controllers such as the MPC-family, RH50 or Tricore Aurix. Now the successor has arrived. The iC5700 is not only faster, better and has more memory, it will also come with new add-ons like logging of CAN/LIN-communication and more I/O modules. Perfect for HIL tests and certification of e.g. ISO26262. Contact us for more info.



How do you test PCBs with BGA chips?

Do you hope for the best or do you have a tool that really can test all connections and functions? Don't take any risks! Use XJTAG boundary scan,  then you are in control already from the first protoypes to mass production. Contact us for more info.

The Evertiq Convention the 28:th of September

Thanks to all you visitors who took your time to meet us The Evertiq Convention in Lund.

See you all next year